Mood Board
This is the mood board I created for Distribution Health, which is a new company in the distributed health technology space. Their team uses technology to improve home health for homebound and older Americans. I wanted to create a brand that embodied tech innovation, stability, and trustworthiness. 
Early Concepts
Here are my early digital sketches. My client wanted to use the "DH" acronym in the logo mark, so I played around with that concept. 
Logo Options
All of the logo marks use a play on the initials, DH. Top left: Strong san-serif typeface. Modern and balanced. Top right: Soft approachable typeface. Lowercase type is friendly and welcoming. Logo mark evokes the Cho Ku Rei Reiki symbol, which is a Reiki healing power symbol. Bottom left: Bold logo mark that incorporates “DH” as well as a diamond shape, which is a non-religious symbol for health care. Bottom right: Strong logo mark, clean lines, bold and simple.
Final Logo
For Distribution Health's brand, I chose blue for the logo mark and grey for the logo type. Blue evokes a sense of trust and security, tranquility and peacefulness. Their initial audience—homebound older Americans—need to immediately get that sense of stability and comfort when they first see the brand. Without knowing it, the color blue does this. That sense of trust to let someone into your home and do something as personal as assessing their health is already established.
I also included two layout variants for applications where a vertical or horizontal layout is more appropriate.
App Icons
For use as a mobile app icon or social avatar—two variants.
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