As a web and graphic designer—I’m a visual problem solver. Everyone has some kind of communication obstacle to overcome for their personal brand or business. I’m here to help people, through good design. I approach each project the same way, by listening. I listen to my clients and try to identify their exact needs and challenges. I do this through conversations about business, competition, stress, life, and the meaning of life—sometimes I get pretty philosophical. You need to though. Design is precious. It’s their baby, it’s my baby, it’s like my client and I making a baby together. This may be an awkward metaphor but bear with me here. 
This is the fun part of a design project. A time when we can have long talks about what pleases us aesthetically, and reflect on the past as we rush toward the future. This part can get very emotional because both parties are putting themselves out there and exposing their vulnerabilities—metaphorically speaking of course.
This is where the real work happens. After we’ve established what we want our baby to look like, I get to work on my concepts and on development—while maintaining constant communication with my client. At times this stage can get a little overwhelming but that’s just the project taking on a life of its own. There are moments of euphoria, confusion, disagreement, resolution, and plenty of cramping and bloating—metaphorically speaking of course.
Labor and Delivery
We’re nearing the project deadline and there is an end in sight! But often times this part can be the most painful and laborious—so to speak. We’ve both invested so much time and emotion into this project over the past several months and now it’s finally time to meet our baby. Problems with the printer...file compatibility...FTP issues...domain renewals...list segmentation errors...cross-browser testing...PC load letter. Push! Push! PUSH!!!!!!
“Wouaaa wouaaa wu wu wouaaaaaaaaaa!” Our baby is born. The beautiful byproduct of your vision and my talent—metaphorically speaking of course.
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